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June Jones, Instructional Innovation

Contact Information :

June Jones, IIC

At DES or GBE, Phone: (757) 898-1149

My name is June Jones. I am a graduate of Mary Washington College with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature. I taught Spanish in York County for the first 15 years of my career. Over the years, I developed a love for the use of technology in the classroom. In 2003, I switched gears and became an Educational Technology Facilitator at the elementary level. In 2009, I added middle school experience to my resume when I became the ETF for Yorktown Middle School.  Currently, I share the Instructional Innovation Coach position between Dare Elementary and Grafton Bethel Elementary schools.

I provide coaching, training and technology integration strategies for teachers and staff implementing technology into the curriculum with the goal of competent, sound, and creative use of various instructional hardware, software, and Internet configurations. I develop model lessons and instructional products for use in the classroom and provide instructional innovation coaching and support in the classroom. In addition, I provide STEAM, coding, and Makerspace support.